RPG is committed to helping those who have experienced combat and military service related mental and physical health issues. Veterans and active service members typically find it difficult to reintegrate into normal society after serving in the military, especially combat zones, so normalcy isn’t always an option for them.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive environment while allowing these talented people to showcase their gaming skills in a way that matters to them. We want to give them the opportunity to grow on their own terms while at the same time pushing them to greatness. We are not military exclusive because we encourage people to connect outside of the military to help with reintegration.

“18.5 percent of servicemembers returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan meet the criteria for either depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veterans were 1.5 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population before the coronavirus pandemic even started. Similarly, many vets have been unable to get life-saving medications through the mail—including treatments for mental health. To make matters worse, an overwhelming 80 percent of vets get their medications this way.”
-"How Video Games Are Saving Those Who Served" Wired 20 Oct 2020

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rpg anomalee

Rogue Company partner and variety streamer

A girl who saves lives in the hospital and also takes them in video games.

Live Fridays and Sundays on twitch.

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new co-owner

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fox started gaming at the age of 3 and developed his passion for gaming. Moving from performing arts to esports, Fox climbed the ranks of RPG over the last two years and at the age of 22 he was invited to become an owner alongside Napcity and Power.

New MK11 Team Captain

Shish is the team captain of RPG's Special Forces, a branch of RPG specifically made to compete in the FGC and it's tournament events. He is a player from Fort Worth Texas who's been playing fighting games since childhood, although he has dabbled in a variety of AAA and indie competitive scenes, Mortal Kombat is his favorite series to play competitively. Outside of playing competitively he also streams daily, attempting to inject a better mentality into the FGC as a whole. Outside of gaming, he has a beautiful wife and a young son who support his goals and help him further his competitive spirit and content.

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RPG has rebuilt and reloaded our competitive R6 team by signing Zordon, Unmachinst, and have brought back RPG veterans Tacoz and Cheeks.



RPG has assembled a prestigious group fighters to compete and carry the banner of Red Platoon in the the MK11 FGC.

"One of the fastest growing teams on OutworldTV."

- @HotRodKrusher 

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RPG member KawaiiVersace has been flexing his creative mind and talent in music. He has discovered a new sound and style that he feels that bests suits him and his art.



RPG will be hosting weekly and bi weekly private lobbies for our community joining the discord for more details.